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High Touch Group is a digital marketing agency with specialties in digital strategy, design, and application development. We make it easier for our clients to market their brands, both online and off.

Since 2010, our clients have partnered with us for a simple reason: confidence that their brands will successfully compete in today's digital world.

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What we do...

Bringing your products to the masses can feel like a science. At High Touch, we believe the only science you should focus on should be in your product. That's why we work hard to diminish the barriers between your product and the people who will benefit from it.

How do we fast track your products? Read on. It's more than just website builds. Trust us.

How do you know what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to?

High Touch Group is ready to update or create a visual identity that tells your story to the world. We'll help you understand your target stakeholders and effectively reach them on a global scale.

Identity and strategy services include:

Digital brand strategy and positioning

Brand identity design and messaging

Campaign planning

Market/user research and insights

At High Touch Group, we design our digital products for usability first, which means our web sites work seamlessly across all devices, content is easy to navigate, and loading times are virtually non-existent.

Our sites are all hard-coded, designed specifically for that client's needs, and delivered with an easy-to-use back-end content management system. We fully train our clients on the CMS, and are on-call - for free and forever - after the site is launched.

Marrying targeted messaging, strategic placement, compelling copy, and clean, professional design, we'll communicate your organization or product to the right people at the right time.

We offer the following digital and design services:

User interface design

Motion graphics

Mobile and devices content

Presentation design


Our clients are trendsetters. Thought leaders. High Touch Group keeps our client's digital applications as current as their products and services.

Let us develop your:

Mobile and tablet applications

Desktop and browser applications

Database GUIs


Some of our clients...
Who we are...
Elizabeth Chabe, MBA, MS, has made a career of cleverly matching inventors with investors, key messages with target audiences, and clients with new revenue streams.

While at the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center, she managed the creation of over $40 million in successful proposals supporting its offshore wind program, the most recent of which was the first phase of the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Demonstration Program. She led the Composites Center's award-winning Global Communications team, which coordinated offshore wind stakeholder outreach activities, including a statewide effort to select four sites for ocean energy testing in the Gulf of Maine.

At High Touch Group, she plays a leading role in governmental relations, investor relations, marketing plan development, and proposal writing for emerging and alternative energy technologies that are strategically critical and have significant downstream value for our clients.

Elizabeth speaks four languages fluently and several others not so fluently. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and yoga.

Get in touch with Elizabeth by calling +1.207.907.6962 or sending her a message at elizabeth [at] hightouchgroup.com.

Kip Palmer, Designer & Partner, manages the visual identities of High Touch Group’s clients. Kip’s instinct for new products, responsiveness to market research, and honed design skills help him create compelling sales tools for our clients. He aids clients in their quest for the perfect product name, better positioning, features and benefits that match end consumer needs, and stunning visual identities to send a consistent message throughout all marketing communications.

Kip spends his free time designing logos for technology companies that do not exist yet. We’re serious.

Kip is waiting to help you with your design challenges. Give him a call at +1.207.992.3382 or drop him a line at kip [at] hightouchgroup.com.

Jeff Prymowicz, Designer & Partner, manages media projects and art direction for High Touch Group’s clients. This includes developing and executing marketing strategies, crafting advertising campaign collateral, and creating visuals that align with messages and target audiences. Jeff works with clients to create investor presentations, animations and videos, product demos, and packaging.

Prior to joining High Touch Group, Jeff managed a team of multimedia designers for the Advanced Structures and Composites Center’s Global Communications department. His graphics, videos, and animations helped the Composites Center win millions in competitive research dollars.

In his spare time, Jeff creates art for street murals, skateboards, and t-shirts. His work has been featured in galleries across the U.S. and online.

You can reach Jeff at +1.207.745.3083 and jeff [at] hightouchgroup.com.

John Poulin, Software Engineer & Web Developer, leads the development team that designs, codes, tests, troubleshoots, and documents our software projects. He also manages that development of our clients’ websites.

John spends his free time breaking code and explaining his job to his less tech-savvy friends.

Send John a message at john [at] hightouchgroup.com.

He is a Programmer for High Touch Group, where he develops, programs, tests, and debugs code for custom web applications and data systems. He holds a degree in New Media & Design from University of Maine. As an early adopter of emerging technologies, he enjoys trying out the latest software or hardware and coming up with ideas for how new tech could benefit others.

Outside of work, David enjoys dabbling with unfamiliar Javascript libraries. He also enjoys breaking code as quickly as possible and then trying to fix it.

Send a message to David: david [at] hightouchgroup.com.

Jordan is javascript guru, game developer, programmer, and summer camp coordinator.

Jordan enjoy's meeting people, socializing, and making you smile. He is also a movie, tv show, comic, video game enthusiast, and has an impressive collection of Batman shirts.

Drop him a line at jordan [at] hightouchgroup.com.

Lydia Chang is High Touch Group’s Chief Technology Officer, with degrees in mathematics and information technology from the University of Maine. She works with our database systems and models, specifically web systems written in both PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Outside of work, Lydia bakes cookies and other unhealthy treats, and then runs several miles to counter the effects.

Send a message to Lydia: lydia [at] hightouchgroup.com