The Galleon Agency

Galleon, (noun):


Large, rugged sailing ships of the 15th through 17th century. Originally developed for war, galleons became synonymous with international trade and commerce. The largest galleons were built by the Spanish and the Portuguese for profitable overseas trade; for more than 250 years they carried gold and silver to the west, raw silk to the east, and helped spread new ideas and culture around the world.


We handle a number of projects, including: Animation, Presentation Design, Market Research & Insights, Consumer Advertising, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Web Development, Mobile & Device Content, Communications Strategy, and more.

High Touch Group

Brand Identity for High Touch Group.

High Touch Courses

High Touch Courses is a subsidiary of High Touch Group.

Atlantic Brewing Company

Atlantic Brewing Company crafts their delicious beers out of Bar Harbor, Maine.

Blaze Restaurant

Blaze is a boutique restaurant with locations in downtown Bangor, and Bar Harbor, ME.

Your Best Skin

Advertising and logo concepts for Your Best Skin.

Puffin Dinghies

Advertising and marketing for Puffin Dinghies.

Riverfest 2010

Display ad for Riverfest 2010 in Old Town, Maine.

United States Navy

Inside the USS Constitution (“Old Ironsides”) official tour brochure.

Powderhouse Hill

Ski map for Powderhouse Hill, one of the oldest (and shortest) ski areas in the US.